Marleen Stegeman


Marleen Stegeman 11-9-1960

Artist, Poet and Songwriter (Self-Taught) did Social Studies.
Since I can remember I loved drawing and painting, began the poetry
from 16 years of age.
My poems are in Dutch/English, I’ll never forget the first one.

Knowing the source of all light
Is seeing a tree grow in a single moment

Before started selling my work, the curator of the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem judge it on quality.
Selling began end of the 80e years till now hundreds are sold, acrylic and work on paper.
To companies, Architects, Lawyers etc and of course Collectors.
Dutch Government bought work for Embassies for example, Berlin, London and Warsaw.

The sculptures big, small and scale models for this I use all kind of material from driftwood till marl and steel,
some have been realized.

I am oversensitive live withdrawHad some radio interviews and was published in papers.
My poems are published, two languages Dutch/English
Geworteld in de aarde, geboren in het Licht
Born in the light, rooted in the earth

K.J.Blokstraat 40
8384 EV Wilhelminaoord
The Netherlands


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: marleen.stegeman.927

Here are some poems.

My Innermost Being

Oh beloved come along with me
Over the oceans over the sea
As far as the eye can see
Deepest darkness seen and heard
Standing in the light of the morning sun
Come beloved come along
Life is a playground to me
Oh beloved stay with me
My beloved is found
We speak the same sound
She takes me by the hand
Together not parted because we are one
It’s for her I am singing this song
Oh beloved come along

I just tell a story
Right from the heart
The question
The answer
Are never apart

I live my life
With coloured wings
Reach for the stars
Oh what beauty it brings
Live life to the fullest
So no opportunity missed
Living my life
With coloured wings