Greetje Van Den Akker


I am born in The Netherlands and now live and work in Den Haag. I had my education at Willem de Kooning Academy of Art in Rotterdam, and graduated in 1997. Since then I have participated in a lot of exhibitions, in my own country, but also abroad.  My works are always made in mixed media with

coffee, ink, acrylic, and other materials,  on paper on canvas, handmade paper,  on canvas, silk, wood, etc.
Because I like to paint ‘faces’, most of the time not specific ones, but almost abstract, I made a series called ‘the Word’.They were made with a golden acrylic paint and coffee, because I was looking for  a way how to make the ‘faces’ simple, but strong of light and dark.

With the coffee I found that darkness, colour and texture, and the golden acrylic paint gave the beautiful light.
I made  big ones, small ones, and lateron I attached black and white photographs in the works and again later on biblepages.
Sometimes I painted a whole ‘face’, most of the time just parts of the face.
I love  the paintings to be exhibited in a series, because I believe this is what makes the communication stronger.
One day somebody called a series of works together ‘golden conversations’.


Email: [email protected]