Anneli Di Francis


Anneli Di Francis works as an artist and teaching artist in Seinäjoki, Finland. Born in 1965, and studied ceramics and arts in the College of Arts and Crafts in Tervola, she searched deeper expression for her work in Norway under the guidance of Kari Bugge-Gjerstad.

Her works have been in several juried exhibitions around the world.

I prefer circulated canvases in my paintings. Vintage tablecloths give each an individual and appealing structure that adds dialogue to the picture. In sculptures as well as in paintings I like to take a step beyond the everyday world. Hidden emotions, deeper meanings and gentle humour are the building blocks of my world.

“Humanity is forgotten too often in the modern world. Where there is cruelty, should be brought gentleness, where ugliness there we need beauty. Small acts will chance people and they will change the world.”


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