Lyndel Thomas


Because of my love of chiaroscuro I studied with various respected teachers from the tonal school in Melbourne, Australia, along with my early introduction to this school of painting by my artist father, Harry Thomas. {Meldrum School}

If I have a label it is that of the tonalist painter and I look for the light, mood and atmosphere of the subject. In landscape I often favour moody or late afternoon and crepuscular subjects.  Figures are a favourite source of inspiration and are usually painted in contemplative poses.
Plein air in the landscape and working directly from the model are great sources of joy. I also love painting still life in the studio with flowers and fruit being favourite subjects. I look for peace and serenity in my work.

I like to work with clay and this work usually features the feminine with a symbolic story. I majored in sculpture at the School of Mines, University of Ballarat.

Since participating in the Florence Biennale in 2013 I have been concentrating on exhibiting in Europe, mostly Italy but also France, Austria and Germany. My work has also recently been exhibited in New York, Washington, Tokyo and Morocco and has attracted many awards. Public and private collections are held in Australia, Europe, U.S, Canada and India.



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