Museums and exhibitions in Venice

Venice was for centuries a center of cultural aggregation of excellence and its museums you can admire the works of art that have helped make it famous worldwide.

Visit the Venice Museums makes sure you have a dive in the history of the city from its origins to the present day, following the close intertwining that binds art and power, solid business acumen and refined search for beauty.

You can admire the masterpieces of art and culture of the past in the National Archaeological Museum, the Accademia Galleries and the Museum of Palazzo Grimani, to name just a few.

While the ‘modern and contemporary art located in Venice exceptional spaces, from the point of view of the buildings that house them, from the Guggenheim to the Punta della Dogana or at Palazzo Grassi. Venice, the city firmly anchored to its splendid past is also able to accommodate trends and avant-garde art in shows and exhibitions that enliven its cultural life. The Biennale of Art and Architecture and the Venice Film Festival are only the best known international expressions of the authority that the lagoon city has gained even as an open window on the future. In recent years interesting and lively initiatives have driven the offer within private or institutional spaces, such as the Centro Candiani in Mestre or halls for temporary events, in the converted former industrial areas of Marghera and the Giudecca.

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